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Cardboard Boat Regatta 2018


Can you imagine crafting a small boat that will carry from two to six people from nothing more than corrugated cardboard, glue, duct tape and paint! And, by the way, it has to be able not only to float, but to race for 200 meters on the Big Canoe Community Lake Sconti and remain intact. On August 12, the Canoe Cubs, with support from the POA and several local businesses, sponsored the third year of this fun-filled event for Big Canoe property owners and their guests.


Competition is keen for trophies and prizes awarded not just for speed, but boats and teams are judged on the Most Creative Boat, Best Sunken Ship, the Spirit Award, and spectators vote for the People’s Choice Award. Categories are divided into youth (minimum age is eight), families, adult and seniors.


This year, 13 boats were entered, which included two vessels that had actually survived previous year’s races and competed again with very limited, or no repairs. An especially cute and creative boat named The Jenny from the Forrest Gump movie competed for its third year, but unfortunately, it tipped and took on too much water to finish the competition.


An assortment of shapes, sizes and crews bravely entered the lake with crafts named Fish are Friends, Not Food; War Eagle; Roll Tide; Eaten Alive; Dead Wake; Black Pearl; Last Minute and International submarine. The S.S.Machery and The Kraken’s Wrath were named after the families who constructed them.


The overall winner this year was Last Minute, which was literally built in the last few days before the competition, and it came through the fray fully intact and dry inside. If you missed this incredibly fun day, mark your calendars to come to the Big Canoe Mountains next year and enjoy a great event for all ages.

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