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The City of Jasper

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Nicknamed “The First Mountain City,” Jasper is the county seat of Pickens County and is located less than an hour north of Greater Atlanta. The earliest Cherokee Indians, and later the pioneers, mined the world’s largest deposit of marble in Pickens County near Jasper. The famous Tate marble factories supplied marble for the White House and the Lincoln Memorial and over 60% of the federal buildings in Washington, D.C., as well as for the Jasper Courthouse and Tate Elementary School. The annual Georgia Marble and arts and crafts show is celebrated the first weekend of October.

Built in 1892 and used until 1966, the Old Pickens County Jail still stands in the middle of town. There are many attractive subdivisions and undeveloped tracts scattered in the surrounding Appalachian foothills. The current population of this charming rural North Georgia town is approximately 23,000.